syncDriver for SkyDrive

syncDriver for SkyDrive 2.3

syncDriver for SkyDrive

syncDriver for OneDrive is a desktop application that serves as client software for Microsoft OneDrive cloud file storage solution. syncDriver maps a local folder of your choice to the OneDrive root directory and keeps these two in sync. Whenever a file is modified locally on your computer, it gets uploaded to OneDrive. If a file is uploaded or modified in OneDrive, syncDriver notices that and downloads the file. Whether you want your files to be accessible from anywhere, synchronize files across several workstations, or just want a reliable backup solution, syncDriver plus OneDrive will just do the job for you. - Better performance - Custom synchronization directions - Compatible with Windows XP and above - Optimized change detection algorithms - Clear status and progress reporting

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syncDriver for SkyDrive


syncDriver for SkyDrive 2.3

User reviews about syncDriver for SkyDrive

  • karenzadesign

    by karenzadesign

    "Doesn't work with OneDrive (previously SkyDrive)"

    This no longer works since microsoft changed the name to OneDrive.   More.

  • Rob F

    by Rob F

    "Great, simple SkyDrive app that also works on Windows XP / Server 2003"

    This is a great program! I needed to be able to sync my SkyDrive to a Server 2003 computer, and I couldn't with the o...   More.

  • Johnjp

    by Johnjp

    "Not sure I can trust this software yet."

    Mystery - can' tell what its doing , no operating instructions , can't seem to define the files/driectories I want to...   More.

  • nate.bergeron

    by nate.bergeron

    "Way better than Microsoft SkyDrive app!"

    This is a clean ultra lightweight way to sync a folder on your PC with your skydrive account. It works on Windows XP ...   More.